Heather Upton

Artist's Statement

The evolution of my thinking and making art comes from my experience of relating to the world primarily through feelings and emotions. My aesthetic conversation is a craving not for answers, but for an outcome of knowledge that is articulated in the making to claim its identity.  It is a journey of discovery and connection. 

I am intrigued by the interior worlds of the mind and heart, and universal consciousness.  My work is the response of non-objective memories that permeate and are revealed by the subconscious. Each piece of work reads like a page of a book.  The pages are read one at a time but they contain the essence of the whole story.

I reference the traces left by science and nature governed by the universal law of cause and effect. I am drawn to the juxtaposition between built structure and organic form, the oneness of the self and environment, of matter and spirit, and the interconnectedness of everything.

The work is evidence of the emerging personality, where emphasis lies in the liberation from constraint and concept, allowing murmurs from the unbound self to be recognised and defined in a celebration of life itself.

The unseen force of nature is inside, and inside, we can look for everything.

“The entire universe is contained in each life at every moment of its existence.  Conversely, each life-moment permeates the entire universe.  The life-moment is a particle of dust holding the elements of all worlds in the universe.  It is a drop of water whose essence differs in no way from the vast ocean itself” 1.